Five Inversions

by Atrocitus

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Recorded at 526 Conradi by Paul Hellinger.


released 28 April 2011

Paul Hellinger- Drums
Will Stone- Guitar
Alex "Ogre" Quintana- Bass
Nick Derella- Vox




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Track Name: Eye Of Tyr
The eye is all powerful
the eye is dangerous
the eye is destructive
the eye is cursed

taken from the cross it guarantees domination
never returned it guarantees your doom
in possession of Tyr's eye, you're in control
any goal any aspiration is possible
working besides the war king

The flood is coming
harkening the end
Ragnarok transpires
all our Gods are dead
Track Name: Heat Death
I hear it calling it beats like a drum of war
my blood is burning the heart it stops
I hate eternal retribution for a massacre
my blood is spoiled for rituals of prophecy

the blood is fire liquid light crimson death
the blood is fire violent light without consequence
Track Name: Space Wolves
there’s nothing to hunt in the darkness of space
asteroids are crack rocks you smoke to your face
a vacuum of silence, a hand full of ash
from the blade of a flame that burns in the past
Track Name: Black Mercy
Some dreams are too good to be true
so good you may never wake up
black roses caress your face
while black thorns dig into your veins
black mercy the plant with fangs

youll see what you want to

paradise is not a reality
its fine but not where I want to be
I want to feeel
I want to bleed
I want to look at oblivion staring back at me

black mercy